7. Upgrading and Updating Aurora

7.1. Management Aurora using ASGARD

When using ASGARD Management Center, you can update Aurora Agent and its signatures for all end systems from the Management Center. Doing so is described in more detail in this section of the ASGARD Management Center manual.

7.2. Automatic Updates via Scheduled Tasks

The installer creates two scheduled tasks during the installation of the service.

One task is scheduled to update the signatures on a daily basis and after each login. The other task is scheduled to update the Aurora agent itself on a weekly basis. Both tasks can be disabled separately.


The Aurora agent update also updates the signatures. (upgrade command includes a signature update)

7.3. Manual Upgrades and Updates

7.3.1. Aurora Agent Program Updates

Aurora can be upgraded using the Aurora Agent Util binary that is distributed as part of the Aurora Agent package. To upgrade Aurora to the latest version, use:

C:\Program Files\Aurora-Agent>aurora-agent-util.exe upgrade --restart-service

When upgrading Aurora while it is installed, make sure to:

  • Use --restart-service to automatically stop and start the service (otherwise the service has to be manually stopped and started)

  • Upgrade the installed version using the Aurora Agent Util under C:\Program Files\Aurora-Agent

7.3.2. Signature Updates

When Aurora Agent is installed, it adds a scheduled task that checks daily for signature updates and automatically restarts the service. Usually, this is sufficient and no manual action is necessary.

To manually update Aurora's built-in signatures, use the Aurora Agent Util binary that is distributed as part of the Aurora Agent package:

C:\Program Files\Aurora-Agent>aurora-agent-util.exe update

You can specify --auto-reload when starting or installing Aurora to automatically reload built-in or custom signatures after you have manually updated them (see the Configuration chapter for more details).

C:\aurora>aurora-agent-64.exe --install --auto-reload

If you do not use --auto-reload, make sure to restart Aurora for the new signatures to take effect.

If you haven't set --auto-reload during installation, use the --restart-service flag to stop and start the service.

C:\Program Files\Aurora-Agent>aurora-agent-util.exe update --restart-service

7.4. Update Servers

Aurora connects to the following Servers to download updates:

Please ensure that these servers can be reached.