4. Aurora Agent Dashboard

Aurora Agent Dashboard provides a way to review Aurora events and get notifications for them:

Overview image of dashboard and notification

4.1. Dashboard Activation

Aurora can be started or installed with the dashboard feature using the --dashboard flag:


C:\aurora>aurora-agent-64.exe --install --dashboard
C:\aurora>aurora-agent-64.exe --dashboard

4.2. Dashboard UI Access

The Dashboard can be accessed with your favorite browser using the following URL: http://localhost:17494/ui/dashboard/overview

There are also some shortcuts to open the dashboard such as:
  • Click on a notification message

  • Right click the tray icon and then select Open Dashboard

4.3. Notifications

The filter for which events will produce notifications can be configured either in the tray icon in the Options sub menu or in the dashboard's Settings-section.

4.4. Settings

The settings can be accessed in the Settings Section in the dashboard.

Dashboard settings example

4.4.1. General Settings

  • Maximum Status Entries

    • Sets the Maximum Status Entries that will be saved in Memory

  • Maximum Messages

    • Sets the Maximum Count of Aurora Event Messages that will be saved in Memory

4.4.2. Favorite Fields

You can set favorite fields in the Settings section. These fields are shown in the configured order in every event you expand. You can change the order by dragging and dropping the fields in the Favorite Fields list.