15. Known Issues

15.1. AUR#001: x86 Version doesn't start

The EtwCanary module is broken and doesn't work on x86 systems. You won't get an appropriate error message. The agent just crashes silently on Windows x86 systems.

15.1.1. AUR#001:Status

Fixed in build 4a34c345

15.2. AUR#002: Rules that use "Provider_Name" don't match

Sigma rules that use the field Provider_Name, e.g. the rule Eventlog Cleared (UUID: d99b79d2-0a6f-4f46-ad8b-260b6e17f982) that looks for EventID 1102 and a certain provider name couldn't match because Aurora uses Provider.Name internally.

15.2.1. AUR#002: Status

Fixed in build 06b7d44d (07.01.2022)

15.3. AUR#003: Rule: "Rundll32 Internet Connection" Misses CommandLine Field

Matches with the rule "Rundll32 Internet Connection" currently miss a CommandLine field. Adding that field to the rule is already on our list of features.

15.4. AUR#004: Missing Self-Defense

  • Folder permission checks

  • ETW manipulations (the ETW canary module already covers some of them)

  • Warning events on configuration changes